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Springfield Cleaning Service has provided quality cleaning services in and around our lovely city of Springfield Ohio for years. When you call us you are guaranteed to receive effortless pricing, reliable and dependable services, and quality of care that very few others are able to provide for such great prices.  Although we rank at the top for many standard services such as Springfield house cleaning, laundry service, deep cleaning, Office Cleaning, carpet cleaning, and so on, we are also able to provide customized cleaning services to fit whatever need you might have.

Call us today if you have a situation that needs cleaning, whether it’s simple like regular House Cleaning or if you want a deep cleaning for your office or residence. Maybe you’re moving out or in and want a top-down reset? We do it all, and our experience allows us to make recommendations based on other customer’s experiences. Whether you need Springfield carpet cleaning or local Housekeeping Services,  So you can feel confident that when you call us, a cordial staff member will pick up right away, listen to your needs, and make recommendations along with providing all information you want. 

We understand calling can seem like a chore, but in reality, it’s the best way to get the most up to date information and to get the best customized price possible! Nobody likes paying too much for a service, but it happens a lot with blanket pricing systems. Give us a ring and we’ll get a price and service that perfectly matches your needs. Plus you’ll get a cleaning from the most thorough cleaning service around. 

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housekeeping services near me

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Springfield Ohio House Cleaning & More

We offer an extensive variety of flexible Office Cleaning services and house cleaning services Springfield Ohio. As mentioned, we have standard cleaning programs that you can have done in a blink of an eye, but we also provide very flexible and personalized Cleaning Service upon request. We welcome any specific needs you have that don’t fit into the more general descriptions on this website. Just call us at 937-501-0206 to explain your situation and get a fully personalized price and service plan just for you.

+ House Cleaning Service (Residential Cleaning)

+ Housekeeping, Laundry, Organization Services

+ Move In / Out Cleaning & Deep Cleaning

+ Office Cleaning (Commercial Cleaning)

+ Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Green Cleaning Services (call for details)

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We Provide Full Housekeeping Services
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Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning
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Intensive House Cleaning for All Needs

If you searched for Cleaning Service Near Me, house cleaners near me, maid service near me, cleaning lady in Springfield ,commercial cleaning services near me, or House Cleaning Services Near Me, you’ve found the right place. Springfield Ohio Cleaning Service is the top cleaning company in Springfield and provides the most reliable cleaning with the highest quality and at the best prices. The method to our success is to treat each and every customer experience like our first, and to seek to deliver such an amazing experience that we’ll earn your repeat business and loyalty for years to come. Our aim is to help make your life more streamlined, organized, clean, and stress free.

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Reasons to Choose Springfield OH Cleaning Service

1. Reliable Value You Can Count On

You don’t get to the top rank of the community for Cleaning Service if you’re not doing something right. As one of the top rated Springfield cleaning services, we’re on-time, dependable, and provide high quality services. That matters a lot for our customers. Our customers call us, schedule their cleaning, and then can relax and move on to more important things. After all, our job isn’t just to clean, it’s to make the lives of our customers EASIER. Having a complicated pricing system with multiple online registration steps along with unreliable service would be the opposite of that. That’s why we keep it simple and for lack of a better word… clean! One quick and easy phone call to book us, and after that we’ll reliably do our part.

2. Cleaning Service Professionals

We do pretty much everything when it comes to cleaning, and when we can’t, we can point you to someone who can. House cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, home cleaning, housekeeping, window cleaning, and so on. It all falls under the umbrella of cleaning. Sometimes someone will say cleaning is really easy and there’s nothing to it, but that’s not actually accurate. There’s a big difference between a Professional House Cleaning Service and a cheap cleaning service (cheap in quality) that is going to skip important sanitation steps that can have big impacts on your overall sanitation and home health. 

Cheap services will skip steps to get the job done faster so they can squeeze in as many projects as possible. They’ll skip out on quality cleaning supplies or re-use old supplies that have been contaminated with germs. When you pay for a quality affordable house cleaners in Springfield cleaning service, you’re paying for professionals to do it properly. The last thing you want is for unprofessional cleaners to spread germs from your toilet to your sink by using dirty supplies for more than one place in the house. There are many small and large things we do for each of our customers to ensure the best experience possible. These don’t get a lot of attention, but they make the difference between amateur and professional Springfield cleaning companies. 

3. Proper Use of Supplies and Equipment

As we just mentioned, there are many tools and supplies that our Springfield house cleaners uses to get the job done more thoroughly and effectively. These tools and supplies make a world of difference in a service like ours, but when misused they can have disastrous consequences. In fact, they can reverse the work of the cleaning altogether! Just to mention a few, it’s very easy to accidentally SPREAD germs, dust, allergens around the space if a vacuum cleaner isn’t properly maintained and used. Wash rags must be treated properly if they’re going to be reused. There are rules about using gloves and supplies for different parts of the house, to keep germs from being wiped from one surface to many others in the house. 

In the case of the vacuum cleaner, if improperly maintained, it can kick back allergens and dust in the air that eventually settles as a light film on everything in the room. This will produce reactions like red itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure, and so on. And that sucks, because it makes your life harder rather than easier, which is our job. This can be particularly important when it comes to Springfield Carpet Cleaning. Our aim is to always make your life easier, not harder. We extensively maintain our equipment and supplies and train all our Springfield house cleaners to do the same. You can count on us to have your best interests in mind at all times.

4. We're LOCAL to Springfield Ohio

Nope, we’re not an extension of some national corporation. We’re not even a branch of a regional corporation. All our Cleaning Service providers are 100% local to Springfield, Ohio. When you call us, you’re calling a local company that has the same roots as you that provides quality Springfield house keeping services. When you hire us, you’re helping a great local Springfield commercial cleaning company do good work and provide the local community with good paying jobs.  Due to our local service, we’re able to provide very flexible cleaning services to perfectly match your needs with less overhead.

5. Unbeatable VALUE

Our affordable prices matched with quality service and dependability have helped us reach the top rank in the area. The  five star customer experiences that we consistently deliver are a source of motivation for us as we continually improve and expand both the quality of our services and the options to choose from. Our ultimate aim is to deliver such an amazing experience to each of our customers that we’ll earn your loyalty and repeat business for years. 

That’s been our mission statement for a long time, and it’s helped us to reach this point. We believe our prices and services supply the best value in the area by far. After all, we’re hired to make your life easier and being affordable while dependably providing all the cleaning you want sounds to us like the definition of value. No headaches, no doubt about whether we’re going to do it right. Just a streamlined Springfield House Cleaning Service (and commercial as well!) that gets it done for you. We’re proud to be the smart consumer’s first choice for Springfield maid services. If you searched for a house keeping in Springfield , you found us.

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Five Star Customer Service

Springfield cleaning service is proud to provide quality cleaning services at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of service for our customers. We have a lot of pride in what we do, and it shows in both our work ethic and our dependability. With our five star customer service, you can always count on us for reliable, responsive, and honest service that makes your life easier and more streamlined. 

A Cleaning Service Springfield You Can Trust

We understand everyone is looking for a deal, but after being called into to clean up the mess of a sloppy, unprofessional company too many times, we feel the need to emphasize that a low quality service is actually a pretty bad deal! Not only do you have to try to get the cheap service to come back and do it right, which is difficult and time consuming, you then have to find a better Springfield commercial cleaning company for next time. Ultimately it ends up costing you money, time, and energy if you go with a really cheap service. That’s not what we’d consider a deal.

Our services are all priced extremely competitively but we maintain great quality of service, dependability, and honesty. 

If you’re going to hire a cheap service, here are some things that you should be on guard for: 
  • Allergies Might Worsen: To save time and money, many cheap cleaning services sweep dust and dirt behind services and don’t both replacing the filters in their cleaning equipment at the prescribed intervals. This agitates and contributes to allergies, red itchy eyes, sinus pressure, congestion, sore throat, fatigue, brain fog, and so on. 
  • You Might Be Exposed to Bacteria: To save money, cheap services often re-use dirty wipes that don’t look so dirty or they don’t change gloves after cleaning the toilet. This practice can spread germs from those areas to other surfaces that you touch with your hands that you assume to be clean. Like your cabinet drawer handles, your nightstand, your counter, and so on. 
  • You Might Not Even Get a Real Cleaning: Cheap companies also often water down cleaning supplies. This of course greatly decreases the effectiveness of the cleaning and can result in bacteria spreading as well by them simply smearing it all over the place. It might look a little cleaner, but the germs will go from the surface, to your hands, to your face, to your food, and so on.
  • Your Cleaning Person Might Not Be Vetted: Many cheap services don’t vet their employees thoroughly. That obviously leaves a big question mark for you on the matter of trustworthiness. It is not uncommon for items to go missing with cheap services that have a high amount of turnover. After all, these people will be in your home, in your office, and so on. We are extremely aware of the trust you place in us when you welcome our team into your home or office space, and we take it very seriously. All our team members are vetted intensively and are highly trustworthy. 

We're Here to Make Your Life Easier

Whether it’s Springfield house keeping or office cleaning, that’s our goal. Give us a quick call today to discuss the best cleaning service and price for you.

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House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Housekeeping


House Cleaning Services

Our all around House Cleaning Services are able to be very flexible and can include any number of services you need. Floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, general Springfield maid services, laundry service, and housekeeping just to name a few. Whatever you need, we’ll adapt them to your specific circumstances and requests. We’ve been providing house cleaning services Springfield Ohio for many years and are always happy to take on new clients. We’re not a cheap cleaning service, but we’re affordable and do great work.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets are absolutely fantastic inventions that provide a ton of comfort and luxury in millions of homes all over the country. That said, they are also prone to getting dirty and holding bacteria, germs, dirt, and grime. Therefore it is very important to clean them periodically. There are many different ways to clean a carpet or rug, and everyone can make arguments for what the best carpet cleaning method is, but they include shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and hot water extraction (or steam cleaner service). Some are a lot more effective than others and we’ll discuss those details more on our Carpet Cleaning Service page. With our options for carpet cleaning Springfield OH, there is never a reason to put off having your carpets cleaned!

Organizational Service

Organization is great for mental health, great for emotional calmness, and makes life more efficient and easier in many other ways. An Organization Service isn’t always included in general cleaning services, but we are able to provide it upon request. 

Laundry Service

No one likes doing laundry but pretty much everyone likes putting on that fresh pair of clothes or grabbing that soft, fresh towel from the rack after a cool shower. Plus, with everyone being busier than ever these days, sometimes there’s just no time to do it. We’re happy to provide our laundry service along with any regular cleaning service you receive from us. It’s both affordable and liberating! Our laundry service has been described as, “FREAKING AWESOME!!!” so if you’d like to “out-source” this particular part of your housekeeping, give us a ring! 

Office Cleaning

A clean and tidy office or commercial space is critical for a good impression. If you’re looking for a quality commercial cleaning company in Springfield Ohio, look no further! Not only does a clean office or commercial space show customers you take pride in your business and your work, it also helps your employees take pride in what they do and focus easier at work. At Luna Cleaning Services, a untidy environment lends itself to an untidy mind. There are many benefits to keeping your office looking great, and it’s very affordable. Just give us a call with your square footage today. Also known as our commercial maid service Springfield, our Office Cleaning program is very popular and runs quietly in the background.

Move In / Out Cleaning

Moving in or moving out? A good house or apartment cleaning can go a long way in helping you get your deposit back or feeling more confident in your new place. In the case of moving out, leaving a clean place makes it much much easier to get your hefty security deposit back. In the case of moving in, bear in mind that there’s really no way of knowing what the inside of your new place’s location has been exposed to. That’s what makes it especially wise to get your new location cleaned thoroughly before you move in. Especially if you have pets or children, you can be confident that your new place is clean and ready to be lived in.

Deep Cleaning

A Deep Cleaning Service is our standard cleaning service with a much greater emphasis on every little detail. We understand you’re asking for this service because you want more than regular housekeeping. You’re looking for a top to bottom purge deep cleaning service to reset the space. As you can understand, this great attention to detail and extra steps requires more time and supplies. 

As a result we have to charge a bit more for this service, but we’re happy to be able to offer it at extremely competitive prices while maintaining our supreme level of quality. Our expert cleaning professionals know exactly where to clean and where to look for problem areas, so you can count on us to get your location sparkling clean. 

Green Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We are able to offer green cleaning and eco-friendly cleaning for those who request it. Your needs and desires in this area are completely respected by us, and we’re happy to accommodate you in this important matter. Green Cleaning is a very effective method of cleaning that utilizes products and services that have a reduced impact on our environment and give off fewer vapors. 

Window Cleaning

A clean window is a beautiful thing, but they get dirty easily. Sometimes after months of dirt and residue accumulating on a window pane, a good cleaning is like a breath of fresh air. When it’s your home, dirty windows can make your house look neglected. When it’s your office or commercial space, it will make the place look un-cared for and unprofessional. Some people say they don’t have time to clean windows, but with our easy add-on service it is both affordable and very convenient as part of our commercial cleaning services Springfield Ohio. If you searched for “House cleaning Service Near Me” then you found the right place!

These services and more. Please see our service tab on the menu bar for more information about the services we offer.

House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Office Cleaning

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Did you search for house cleaning near me, maid service near me, or cleaning service near me? If so, welcome. You found the right Springfield house cleaning. Give us a call or request a price today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

House keeping is a term that refers to cleaning, maintaining and organizing the home. Keeping your home clean on a daily basis ensures that you are staying healthy by preventing common allergens from causing health issues or spreading disease.

There are three types of housekeeping. They include regular cleaning, spot scrubbing & disinfecting.

Regular Cleaning – This is the most common type of housekeeping. Regular cleaning entails everything from dusting to vacuuming and mopping. You can use natural products for this process or go with chemical cleaners so long as you are using chemicals that won’t harm pets in the household or people with sensitivities.

Spot Scrubbing – Spot scrubbing is when you focus on a specific area or item that needs more attention than the rest of the home. This could be something like a stain on the carpet or kitchen countertops that need to be regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria build-up.

Disinfecting – Disinfecting is the process of cleaning an area to kill any germs or bacteria. This is commonly done with bleach or other chemicals.

House cleaners do not expect to be tipped. However, there is no harm in offering a tip if you feel that it was well done and worth the money. It is always appreciated!

House cleaning is the process of keeping your home clean with regular cleaning, spot scrubbing and disinfecting. Housekeeping refers to hiring a professional or service that does house cleaning for you.

Maid services generally include everything from regular cleaning to spot scrubbing and disinfecting. You can expect a maid service to clean the things in your home that you don’t have time for yourself, such as windows, ovens and even inside cabinets.

Cleaning ladies clean all the surfaces in a home. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing. They will also clean bathrooms and kitchens, making sure all surfaces are disinfected. Your specific cleaning lady or cleaning technician will clean everything that’s listed in your cleaning plan.

There are many benefits to using a cleaning service. This includes getting your home cleaned on a regular basis, having someone else take care of the cleaning products and equipment, and freeing up your time so you can focus on other things. A cleaner more organized home or business is also likely to experience less stress.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional house cleaning service. Some of the benefits include having the home cleaned on a regular basis, knowing that your house is being disinfected with chemicals you can feel good about using, and not worrying about keeping up with all the supplies needed for an effective clean.

Commercial cleaning services are usually very comprehensive. This means that they will clean everything from the floors, kitchen and bathrooms to dusting your office furniture. They may also offer additional services such as window washing or spring cleaning.

The main difference between a residential and commercial cleaning is that a commercial cleaning service typically offers more services. This means they will offer everything from floor scrubbing to kitchen disinfecting, as well as servicing large businesses and office buildings.

Google Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Burke
Michael Burke
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Came back from vacation to clean house- Wonderful job! Thanks so much for doing such a great job! I can tell u worked hard, excellent attention to detail !!
Carroll Courts
Carroll Courts
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
5 Stars. This review is based on the level of professionalism the company has and how clean my house was after they left. The girl that cleaned my house was very nice and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs something cleaned around their home!
Brad Camarillo
Brad Camarillo
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
House was very clean when they left it like it was the first day they were there. Friendly and efficient, I highly recommend this company!
Carey Storm
Carey Storm
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We needed a cleaning service to do the spring cleaning around the house. They charged us a fair price and did a great job. We will definitely be using them again the next time we need to do some spring cleaning around the home and we would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a reliable housekeeping service.
Samual Line
Samual Line
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Professional, cheap, good work. Very friendly. I definitely will use them next time!
Michal Simpson
Michal Simpson
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I called the company and they sent a very nice helper to clean for me. The cleaning lady was very professional and efficient. The house was spotless when she left it. highly recommend them!


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Springfield is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Clark County. The municipality is located in southwestern Ohio and is situated on the Mad River, Buck Creek, and Beaver Creek, approximately 45 miles west of Columbus and 25 miles northeast of Dayton. According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 60,608. The Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 138,333 residents. Springfield was founded in 1801, and is arguably the third-largest city in Ohio behind Columbus and Cleveland. In 2008 it ranked as one of the “Top 10 Best Places to Live” in the United States by CNNMoney.com. The city is home to Wittenberg University and a variety of manufacturing, technology, and healthcare businesses. Major employers in the area include Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc., MedCentral Health System, Navistar International Corporation, American Electric Power, Emerson Climate Technologies, and Rumpke Waste & Recycling. Renowned for its production of the Old Order Mennonites, Springfield is also known as “The Peaceable City.” It was named after Springfield, Massachusetts in 1805 by pioneer Moses Bates who lived there and later led the Connecticut Land Company to buy much land that once belonged to the noted Chief Logan at this location. The first settlers to the area had arrived in 1798. The first city of Springfield was founded by Moses Bates on July 4, 1801 alongside Buck Creek. Bates chose the name “Springfield” after his former hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, which was near Boston. At the same time, John Stewart settled south of Buck Creek on a ridge overlooking the settlement Bates founded. Stewart would later serve as Springfield’s first postmaster. In 1805, the Connecticut Land Company purchased land from Chief Logan and founded the city of Urbana, which is adjacent to Springfield. The two cities have grown together over the years and are now considered one urban area. Springfield experienced significant growth after the Civil War, as new industries and businesses relocated to the city. Nowadays, Springfield, Ohio, is an important city in southwestern Ohio and is home to a number of businesses, industries, and organizations, known for its production of the Old Order Mennonites, and its status as one of the “Top 10 Best Places to Live” in the United States.

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